Function Analyzer: Warm-Up

It's always a good idea to "warm up" or acquaint yourself with a new software tool before using it with an activity. If you feel comfortable exploring the buttons and features on your own, feel free to do that. If you prefer a more structured exploration, try the activities below.

Click to open the Function Analyzer.

Note The Function Analyzer opens in a new browser window. As you explore the software, keep this window open for reference. Don’t modify the default function shown when you launch the Function Analyzer. The instructions below assume that the interactive appears as it does when it first loads.

Warm-Up A: getting started

The Function Analyzer doesn’t allow you to manipulate the graph directly. It lets you specify a value for the function for which you can identify the value of x that makes the statement true.

Warm-Up B : Try It and See

  1. Look at the Algebra Tiles Model. The area model in the Function Analyzer represents the value of the function—f(x) or y—for a specific value of x.

  2. Use the Slider. Move the slider at the bottom of the graph. Observe the effects of using the slider in the following ways.

  3. Edit the Symbolic Expressions. Try editing the symbolic expressions.

  4. Use the Tile Bin. Try clicking the various buttons in the tile bin.

  5. Experiment with Other Features. Try using the other buttons. Each time you try a new button, notice what changes.

Warm-Up C : Make It and Check It

Now you're ready to use what you've learned about the software to work with some specific functions, and see what you notice.

  1. Reload the Function Analyzer.
  2. Change the default function so that its slope is 1.5 and its y-intercept is (0,1).
  3. Change the value of the equation to 4.
  4. Use the slider to find the value of x that solves the equation.
  5. With the slider at the solution, check that the number of tiles in the algebra tiles model equals the value of the equation.