Plop It!: User's Guide

Plop It! lets you experiment with the concepts of mean, median, and mode (measures of center). You see the differences among them on a bar graph, as you add or remove blocks to an axis with a given range.

Click to open Plop It!

Note This Java applet requires a Java-capable browser. If you don't see the applet you may need to install or update Java.

Adding and Placing Blocks

Click within the graph to add blue blocks. Click above the axis to place them exactly where you want.


Changing the Length of the x-axis or y-axis

Click the Increase Range or Decrease Range button to extend or shorten the length of the x-axis.


Seeing the Statistical Information in Text

Entering Data by Typing Text

Enter data to be plotted by typing it in the text area (shown below). Each number should be an integer and should be separated by a comma, a space, or by pressing the enter key.

Type the data you want to use, and then click Update Graph to plot your data. Click Clear to clear all the data from the text area.