System Solver: FAQ

Q. I've created a system, but I made an error in the original equations and I want to change one of them. I tried clicking the Undo Button but it doesn't send me back to that display or allow me to make an edit. How do I edit the initial equations in the system?

A. Unfortunately, you cannot edit an equation in a system. You need to click the Start Over button and return to the initial system entry page. That's where you can re-enter both equations.

Q. I need to enter a whole number into my system. But all I see are fractional representations. How do I enter a whole number into the system?

A. You need to turn your whole number into a fraction. Enter the number into the numerator of the fraction, and enter 1 into the denominator.

Q. I've tried using the Zoom tools (the plus and minus magnifying icons) but I can't get a satisfactory view of the intersection of my system. Is there a way to move the graph window to the side?

A. Yes. You can scroll across the graph window from side-to-side and up and down by first moving your cursor over the window until the arrow cursor changes to a hand. Then, you can click and hold while moving the window to reveal additional areas that were outside the original boundaries of the framed window.

Q. I only see one set of (x, y) coordinates in the table. How can I see other possible coordinates?

A. Click and hold on the wedge-shaped slider on the slider bar and move it up and down. You will see additional coordinates appear in the table. Additional red and blue coordinates will appear moving along the length of the lines, including at the intersection point. In the table, the symbolic representations of each equation will change depending on which set of values is selected in the table.

Q. When I enter values into the Term Operations dialog box, I don't see changes in the real time results area. Why?

A. Real time results appear immediately when you enter a value using one of the drop-down selectors, but not when you type in values.