Piecewise Linear Grapher: FAQ

Q. I'm trying to modify the slope of a ray in my Graph Window but I can't. What am I doing wrong?

A. You can't grab the end of a ray to change the slope. Only segments (with an end visible) can be moved in this way. To modify the slope of a ray, you must use the symbolic expression of the ray.

Q. I can't find a graphical representation in the Graph Window. I put the same function into both the orange and yellow sections, but all I see is the orange one. Where's the yellow one?

A. Because the two occupy the exact same coordinates, only one can be seen at a time. Click once in the yellow function area and the yellow representation will come "forward" and be visible while the orange is hidden.

Q. How do I convert the infinite end of a ray to a finite value?

A. To convert the infinite end of a ray to a finite value, you must delete the ray and replace it with a line segment of finite domain. Click the ray to select it, then click the Delete button, then click the Segment Creator.

Picture of the delete button

Picture of the segment creator and the positive and negative ray creators.

Delete Button

Segment Creator

Q. I would prefer to use the Point-Slope Form for some of my modeling. Is that possible with the Piecewise Linear Grapher?

A. Yes. Simply click once on any symbolic representation to bring up the Edit Segment dialog box. Above the symbols you will see two tabs: Slope-Intercept and Point-Slope. Click the Point-Slope tab to use that form; click the Slope-Intercept tab to go back. The numbers will stay the same, allowing you to compare the forms or make changes in either one.

Q. I have an idea that I think would be a great addition to the Piecewise Linear Grapher. Is there someone to whom I can suggest the idea?

A. Suggestions are always welcome! The best way to introduce your idea is in one of your discussion groups. Your facilitator will note your suggestion for possible inclusion in future versions.