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Seeing Math™ Secondary Course Structure

Seeing Math™ Secondary courses are five weeks long. Each of the five weeks leads participants through activities that explore familiar concepts from new perspectives. Participants spend four to six hours a week on the course work in which they reflect on their own learning, listen closely to student thinking, and examine ways to use new insights in their own curriculum. Participants also watch videos of students at work and use interactive software that helps illuminate the math. Throughout, colleagues learn with colleagues, discussing experiences, reflecting on approaches, and sharing solutions.

The five-week Seeing Math Secondary voyage follows this trajectory:

Week 1 Orientation Get to know the online learning environment and each other.
Week 2 Math Focus Work through math challenges, with and without technology, and explore readings in the applicable math content.
Week 3 Student Thinking Closely observe student thinking through videos, readings, and commentary by specialists.
Week 4 The Classroom Examine how existing curricula approach the topic and how teachers can enhance their approach to it.
Week 5 Plan Synthesize the earlier weeks and create a plan to put the learning it into practice in the classroom.

Course Listing

Proportional Reasoning

Linear Functions

Transformations of Linear Functions

Linear Equations

Systems of Linear Equations

Quadratic Functions

Transformations of Quadratic Functions

Quadratic Equations

Data Analysis

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