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Try Seeing Math™ Secondary

We welcome and encourage education professionals to explore the exciting resources Seeing Math™ Secondary has to offer.

Click to try Seeing Math™ Secondary’s dynamic interactive software that accelerates comprehension of difficult concepts by illustrating and reinforcing key mathematical ideas for teachers and students of algebra.

Click to view samples of video segments that serve as objects of study in Seeing Math™ Secondary courses. The videos enhance each Seeing Math™ Secondary course with dynamic and authentic learning experiences that stimulate observation, analysis and reflection and shed light on student thinking about mathematics.

Seeing Math™ Secondary is available through our partner, PBS TeacherLine.

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Course Listing

Proportional Reasoning

Linear Functions

Transformations of Linear Functions

Linear Equations

Systems of Linear Equations

Quadratic Functions

Transformations of Quadratic Functions

Quadratic Equations

Data Analysis

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