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Seeing Math™ Elementary

small boy watching teacherSeeing Math Elementary provides teachers, schools and districts with affordable professional development that integrates web-based learning with face-to-face interaction. Each facilitated course focuses on a concept from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards that is typically difficult to teach or to learn, such as fractions, division with remainders, calculating the area of a triangle, pre-algebra, or using data to make predictions. Video case studies featuring real teachers working with real students enrich Seeing Math™ Elementary courses, giving educators a unique source of insight they can use to refine their own practices.

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Learn more about how the following elements enrich each Seeing Math™ learning experience:

Seeing Math Elementary features:

  • A blend of web-based and face-to-face learning experiences.
  • Authentic video case studies that document and explore math instructional techniques and strategies in actual classroom settings.
  • Expert commentary delivered by nationally recognized content specialists.
  • A wealth of online resources—including sample lesson plans, actual student work, glossaries, lists of recommended reading, and references to corresponding state standards—that complement and build on featured case studies.
  • Curriculum developed by a team of mathematics education, instructional design, and e-learning experts to address NCTM and relevant state standards.
  • Innovative, interactive software that illustrates and reinforces mathematical concepts.
  • Moderated discussion of learning via online discussion boards.


Course Listing

Effective Questioning in the Mathematics Classroom

Foundations of Effective
Mathematics Teaching

Formative Assessment in the Mathematics Classroom

Number & Operations:
Division with Remainders

Number & Operations:
The Magnitude of Fractions

Number & Operations:
Broken Calculator

2D and 3D Figures

Calculating Area of a Triangle

Data Analysis and Probability:
Using Data to Make Predictions

Data Analysis and Probability:
Measures of Center

Pan Balance Equations

Patterns and Functions

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