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About The Concord Consortium

student looking at a computer screenThe Concord Consortium is a tax-exempt non-profit educational research and development organization. The appearance of new, emerging technologies has the potential to ignite explosive strides in learning capacity and curriculum development. Harnessing these technological resources can result in a powerful extension of educational resources to all people, regardless of their circumstances. The Concord Consortium is committed to leading this drive forward by developing and using the best in educational technology.

Our collaborative working environment brings creative educators from varied academic disciplines together with an abundance of technological expertise and physical resources. Our outstanding staff and board members have strong educational experience and a dedication to realizing the full power of information technologies. While we have experienced vigorous growth since our inception in 1994, we strive to maintain a cooperative working environment that encourages cross-fertilization of ideas. In addition to strong staffing resources, our facility maintains a T1 line, networked computers, a suite of powerful servers, an abundance of software development tools, and a digital video editing suite.

This combination of expertise and resources has resulted in the development and dissemination of dynamic and successful educational tools nationwide. We encourage you to learn more about The Concord Consortium, and join us in building our vision of a more equitable world:

We dream of students learning core skills and concepts by using sophisticated data collection, analysis, modeling, and visualization tools. We dream of expanded course curricula that include collaborative work with experts around the world. We dream of students and adults working together locally and worldwide to solve problems.

We dream of an educational system that responds to each person's learning needs. The appropriate use of technology can bring us a step closer to realizing this dream.

About Seeing Math™

About The Concord Consortium

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