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Learning Philosophy Behind Seeing Math™

It's not how to teach. It's not what to teach.
It's who you're teaching.

student doing math problemSeeing Math's professional development programs teach and reinforce both mathematical and pedagogical knowledge. Focusing on math concepts aligned with NCTM and many states standards, Seeing Math™ was developed to create teacher professional development that expands the use of standards-based math curricula. In the belief that a few key processes are pivotal to improving teacher practices and student learning, our learning philosophy emphasizes:

  • Fostering a reflective attitude among participating teachers about their own teaching and their own understanding of the mathematics they teach
  • Providing insights into student thinking about mathematical concepts
  • Deepening the understanding of specific mathematical concepts

We believe that good learning integrates experience, observation, and conversation. Seeing Math™ therefore builds upon complementary media and learning experiences. At the core of each Seeing Math™ course are video episodes that depict experienced teachers at work with students. These serve as a focus for participants' reflection on their own work and on the challenges of teaching and learning mathematical concepts. Solving significant math problems and modeling these problems with interactive software clarifies the key mathematical concepts, helping participants to deepen comprehension. Commentary by nationally recognized experts highlights relevant learning theory, standards, and teaching practices. References to national and state standards, sample lesson plans, and suggested activities link the learning experience to classroom realities. Online discussions lead participants to new insights through a shared learning experience.

We leverage the technology, the time, and the collective experience of our participants to help teachers do things other professional development programs can't do. Seeing Math™ combines these elements to create dynamic learning experiences that are shared by a group, yet unique for each participant. Participants are guided, not led, through learning that balances content mastery with analysis of teaching practices and insight into student thinking about mathematics. And the combination—of expert commentary, immersion in problem solving, attention to student thinking, discussing with peers online, and modeling with interactive software—leads to more effective teaching and improved student learning.

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