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Foundations of Effective Mathematics Teaching

This course highlights the rationale and pedagogy underlying three key aspects of effective teaching: teacher content knowledge, listening to and interpreting student thinking, and formative assessment that guides future instruction.

Participants in this course:

  • Articulate the importance of a teacher's deep content knowledge and describe its potential impact on instruction.
  • Describe the importance of highlighting, interpreting, and cultivating student thinking.
  • Clearly distinguish between formative assessment and testing.
  • Communicate the role of formative assessment in the daily practice and planning of your instructional program.

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Course Listing

Effective Questioning in the Mathematics Classroom

Foundations of Effective
Mathematics Teaching

Formative Assessment in the Mathematics Classroom

Number & Operations:
Division with Remainders

Number & Operations:
The Magnitude of Fractions

Number & Operations:
Broken Calculator

2D and 3D Figures

Calculating Area of a Triangle

Data Analysis and Probability:
Using Data to Make Predictions

Data Analysis and Probability:
Measures of Center

Pan Balance Equations

Patterns and Functions

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